PP Woven D Cut


PP Woven D Cut

GET WORLD CLASS D CUT BAGS FROM KAYDEE POLYFEB With a vast experience coupled with strong technique of manufacturing world class D Cut Bags, is kaydee polyfeb now the best manufacturers and suppliers of across Indian and in other Asian countries. Currently kaydee polyfeb manufactures over bulk of D Cut Bags daily from 2018 manufacturing units located at Morbi Industriel Zone (Gujarat) supplies them to over 80 cities across India.

  • Added Features :

  • Provides high strength for joining material
  • Suitable to use in hot and cold environments
  • Resistant against moisture and oil
  • Silky soft and smooth
  • Lightweight & Strong
  • Cost effective & Recyclable
  • Standard sizes in D-Cut Pp-woven bag: 10x14, 12x16, 12x18, 14x18, 14x20, 16x20
  • Very High-Quality International Standard
  • International E-commerce Standard
  • Longer Lasting Protection

  • What makes Kaydee Polyfeb manufactured D Cut Bags the best in India?

  • At kaydee polyfeb, manufacturers, ecommerce, start-ups and SMEs can select from a huge array of top-quality D Cut Bags in several sizes. Kaydee Polyfeb provides round the clock helpline numbers to every customer to ensure world standard customer support is maintained.
  • kaydee polyfeb, specialize in producing small to large quantities of multi-colored D-cut bags with consistently high quality, while making all of their custom printed bags in its plant. Thousands of shops and businesses proudly use kaydee polyfeb, D cut paper bags kaydee polyfeb, will serve excellence and peace of mind from start to finish.
  • Also, absolute refund is assured in any issue found.
  • kaydee polyfeb, made D Cut Bags are for multi-purpose usage. These bags are available various colors and textures. Also, these bags can be customized.